Types of cases covered in modules

The modules are entirely based on cases you might see in primary care.  The following cases are examples, would you know how to answer them? 

The Gen-Equip project aims to help you answer these queries.


Tom, a man of 32 years comes to see you in the clinic.  You know him quite well because he is very sporty and has had several football injuries.

He tells you that he has noticed his stools are often very dark and there have been flecks of blood in them.  This has been happening almost every day for about 2 months….his wife has insisted he come to see you.   He is clearly upset, nervous and very embarrassed.   He says that he is afraid this means cancer.


Helena is 32 years old.  She is in good health. She comes to the surgery very concerned because her sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer at 37 years. She is very worried about herself and her 13 year old daughter. She wants immediate breast screening.


Sophie, who is aged 28 years comes to the surgery for sleeping tablets.  She has not slept well since her sister (aged 23 years) died suddenly and unexpectedly from what the doctors think was most likely an undiagnosed heart problem.  She is very worried about herself and her two young children.


Maria is new to your clinic.  She brings in her son, Milo to see you. He is 19 months old.  Her sister’s child is about the same age and she has noticed his development is much more advanced than Milo’s.  She is worried because he cannot walk alone and says only two words (Dad and drink).    He crawled at 16 months.


Lina and George come to see you about starting a family.  They have had no pregnancies yet but want to become pregnant.  They are concerned because Lina’s mother lost two babies in late pregnancy and had one miscarriage, they do not know why.


John is aged 53 years.  He is in good health and has come to you for a flu vaccination (he works as a carer for frail elderly people).  He mentions that his mother died of dementia at 65 years and asks you if you can do a genetic test for dementia?


Elisabetta comes to the clinic for her first antenatal visit.  She is a 24 year old healthy woman and is 9 weeks pregnant in her first pregnancy.  She is of Italian origin and her partner Carlo is from the same locality in Italy.


Marta is 35 years old and has been a patient of yours for many years.  She was diagnosed with epilepsy when 19 years old and her epilepsy has been stable for eight years.  She is now 7 weeks pregnant and wants to make sure that the baby is healthy.